Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Move (October 16th - 18th)

A selection of pictures from the move, hopefully the rest will be available on flickr or our myspaces soon.

Raining on the inside. (December 15th)

Here is what happened when it rained really hard. It was scary, but not as bad as it could have been. Check out the pouring water from the ceiling...its a pretty cool photo.

Super Delayed Post

To all of you who have complained that there are no new posts, Sorry!!! So, to make up for the lack of posts here is a run-down of everything.

October 16th, we finished packing, closed on the Condo, ate at Jo's on 2nd and took off. It was very emotional ( I cried) . The drive went really well, we took 2 days and ate at some very good little places.

October 19th, we closed on the house and unpacked the truck. Our stairs are steep and a little bit narrow as we learned unloading all of the upstairs furniture. My folks drove up from North Carolina as a huge favour to me. They were a huge help. Jen and Chuck Stephens came and helped us move in too, and that was awesome to have their help. (So did Taylor, Grant and Brittany, but they're family so they get no shout out. : ) )

December 15th, we discover that our dining room is leaking...a lot.

December 26th-January 3rd, we get a new roof, and discover that the dining room still leaks. Argggh! The walls also need new tuck-pointing. Who knew 115 year old mortar doesn't hold up?

January 17th - 18th, we get a new bed. Its a Louis-Phillipe reproduction and I love it!!!!! Its big and it sits in the middle of the room.

January 24th, we have 3 estimates for the tuck pointing. They are all expensive and now we just need to figure out who to use.